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Wet grinding metal sander

1. Applicable scope of equipment: suitable for flat plate parts, carbon steel plate, stainless steel plate, aluminum plate, copper plate, titanium alloy, all kinds of non-ferrous metals, rubber and plastic materials, marble and so on.


2. Equipment function: suitable for all kinds of flat plate parts surface drawing, polishing, scratch removal, removal of longitudinal burr, oxidation skin, hair, fixed thickness and other processing.


3. Equipment combination: single or multiple combination structure of sand belt + polishing wheel


4. Width of equipment: 350mm650mm800mm1050mm1350mm 1600mm1900mm2200mm


5.Processing thickness of equipment: 1-80 mm


6. Belt linear speed :18 m/s(variable frequency adjustable)


7. Polishing wheel line speed :20 m/s(variable frequency adjustable)


8. Feeding speed :2-11 m/min( variable frequency adjustable)


9. Optional feeding mode:


 (1) Conveyor belt + rubber roller clip feeding (for ordinary workpieces. Length of work piece

≥280 mm)


 (2) Strong permanent magnet adsorption conveying material for carbon steel workpieces. Workpiece size ≥10 mm×10 mm)


 (3) Vacuum negative pressure adsorption conveying feeding (for stainless steel plate, copper plate, aluminum plate, etc.) is not magnetically adsorbed. Workpiece size ≥50 mm×50 mm)


 (4) The rubber roller + the rubber roller are clamped to feed the material. Workpiece length ≥280 mm)


10. Four-column synchronous lifting, lifting height digital setting and reading, unit: mm


11. The equipment is equipped with spray pipe to provide grinding fluid before and after each station, inlet and outlet water resistance roller to prevent grinding fluid spatter, outlet with upper and lower air knife cut water dry, with three groups of water extrusion roller water extrusion.


12. Automatic paper tape filter is used to filter grinding dust to provide grinding cycle grinding fluid to achieve environmental protection production.


13. Advantages of wet processing:


 (1) Cold working of wet workpieces is not easily deformed by heat;


 (2) Better surface roughness of wet workpieces;


 (3) Wet grinding dust absorption, better working environment;


The service life of wet processing consumables is longer.



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  Basic equipment parameters:



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