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Dry grinding metal sander


1.Application scope of equipment: suitable for flat plate parts, carbon steel plate, stainless steel plate, aluminum plate, copper plate, titanium alloy, all kinds of non-ferrous metals, rubber and plastic materials, marble, graphite, etc.

2.Equipment function: suitable for all kinds of flat plate parts surface drawing, polishing, scratch removal, removal of longitudinal burr, oxidation skin, hair, fixed thickness and other processing.

3.Equipment combination: single or multiple combination structure of sand belt + polishing wheel

4.Width of equipment: 350mm650mm800mm1050mm1350mm 1600mm1900mm2200mm

5. Processing thickness ofequipment: 1-80 mm

6. Belt linear speed :18 m/s(variable frequency adjustable)

7. Polishing wheel line speed :20 m/s(variable frequency adjustable)

8. Feeding speed :2-11 m/min( variable frequency adjustable)

9. Optional feeding mode:

(1) Conveyor belt + rubber roller clip feeding (for ordinary workpieces. Workpiece length ≥280 mm)

(2) Strong permanent magnet adsorption conveying material for carbon steel workpieces. Workpiece size ≥10 mm×10 mm)

(3) Vacuum negative pressure adsorption conveying feeding (for stainless steel plate, copper plate, aluminum plate, etc.) is not magnetically adsorbed. Workpiece size ≥50 mm×50 mm)

(4) The rubber roller + the rubber roller are clamped to feed the material. Workpiece length ≥280 mm)

10. Four-column synchronous lifting, lifting height digital setting and reading, unit: mm

11. Equipped with wet vacuum cleaner or industrial pulse vacuum cleaner to treat grinding dust to achieve environmental protection production.

 Structure Diagram of equipment

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 Product drawing of equipment processing

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