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LSB series  



(Including wide abrasive belt)


LSB series includes wide/narrow sand belt and abrasive belt (single or double-sided multi-station combined grinding multi-function). The equipment can realize the uniform removal of slag burr formed by laser cutting, shearing cutting, plasma cutting, flame cutting, stamping cutting, machining and so on. Suitable for sheet metal surface pre-grinding, hole, edge corner deburring and surface drawing process.


Equipment processing width :800 mm1000mm1350mm 1600mm2000mm2200mm


 Equipment processing thickness :1-100 mm


 Optional feeding mode:


 (1) Conveyor belt + rubber roller clip feeding (for ordinary workpieces. Workpiece length ≥150 mm)


 (2) Strong permanent magnet adsorption conveying material for carbon steel workpieces. Workpiece size ≥10 mm×10 mm)


 (3) Vacuum negative pressure adsorption conveying feeding (for stainless steel plate, copper plate, aluminum plate, etc.) is not magnetically adsorbed. Workpiece size ≥50 mm×50 mm)


Rubber roller + rubber roller clip feeding


1580560986162913.jpg 1580560986659750.jpg1580560986434376.jpg

1580560986773154.jpg 1580560986685155.jpg 1580560986115964.jpg

1580560987565163.jpg 1580560987363936.jpg 1580560987238381.jpg

Basic equipment parameters:

1580561377379368.jpg 1580561377501871.jpg 1580561377211830.jpg

1580561377349747.jpg 1580561378807877.jpg 1580561378281851.jpg

1580561378166843.jpg 1580561378591316.jpg 1580561378126849.jpg

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